Dalian, located at the southern end of Liaodong peninsula in northeastern China, is an attractive coastal city with a population of 5.90 million. It covers an area of 12,574 square kilometers whose coastline spans 1,906 km.Dalianis one of the most important cities for harbor, trade, industry and tour inChina. The climate of Dalian is mild but clear distinct four seasons and annual average temperature of 10.5 ˚C.Dalianis also famous for it’s production of apples, hawthorns, strawberries, fresh fish, shells, oysters, etc. Dalian has won many awards nationally and internationally, such as the model city for its sanitary and environmental protection, one of the best tour cities in China, the nationally most suitable living city, UN’s advantage living condition award in 1999 and UNEP’s GLOBAL TOP 500 Award for its well environmental protection in 2000. Dalian is also called fashion city, as well as a soccer city. Now, Dalian is one of the most attractive and glamorous modern cities in China opened to the world.