1. Proper training for HSK test is included in the teaching plan which may help the student improve their test ability. Our college is one of the HSK testing centers in Dalian. After completing half a year’s course in the college, the students’ Chinese proficiency is expected to reach new HSK level 2-3; after completing more than one year’s course, level 4-5 of new HSK is expected; and after completing more than a year and a half’s course, new HSK 6 can be expected.


2.  Outstabding students have opportunities to get the Government scholarship, Liaoning province scholarship, LNNU outstanding student’s scholarship, Dalian Government scholarship, and Confucius scholarship.


3. The college also offers different kinds of language courses in order to meet the needs of different students. In addition to the Chinese language program on long-term and short-term basis, undergraduate and graduate programs are also offered.


4. College offers various kinds after-school activities and tutorials, such as calligraphy, painting, Erhu instrument (Traditional Chinese musical instrument) playing, Taichi, Chinese Opera, paper cutting, weaving, and cooking. In addition, sightseeing activities are occasionally organized to enrich the student’s lives in Dalian.